Women’s Ebook Coming soon!

I am so excited, soon there will be many many ebooks for you gorgeous ladies to have access to on FitYoga’s site!

The first will be a Woman’s Ebook “Embrace Yourself”

I am on a mission to help you create a stronger relationship with yourself through your mind and body connection! So stay tuned!!

I have a little exercise for you all….

It may sound silly to some, but it feels fantastic. Reach your hands as far around you as possible and squeeze. Hold this for a minute or two while repeating ‘I love you’ and really feeling it. Focus your awareness on the area around your heart.

Step into your heart way of being. This is your womanly flow. Living as one igniting your wild soul.

Come home to your empowered, divine self.

Hug yourself for all you have achieved by reading this and completing the exercises.

For stepping into the unknown and beginning the journey of SELF LOVE.

You are SO WORTHY, you absolute beautiful woman.

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