Why you should never avoid breakfast!!!

After dinner, your body has been fasting all night. Your body needs energy from food in the morning for your metabolism to kick in.  If you are one of those who still isn’t having breakfast in the morning, saying you just aren’t hungry when you wake up, or for whatever reason. It is time to kick that habit and start teaching your body to eat at breakfast time.

Here are some extremely important reasons why you need to eat breakfast:

1. Breakfast improves your metabolism:

Your blood sugar level drops down in the morning. You need food that can provide you energy to get through the morning. Body needs fuel to keep it running and the night is the longest gap in the refuelling process. To make sure your metabolism keeps on going you need to have something within 1 hour of waking up.

2. Keeps you on track if you’re looking to lose weight:

Those who consistently eat breakfast tend to maintain and lose weight. Though people skip breakfast in the hope of losing weight they tend to eat more during lunch or even choose unhealthier options later on which results into weight gain. This option is not sustainable and you end up resulting in the opposite effect and store more fat.

3. Helps to maintain insulin response:

Skipping meals leads to a hyper insulin response when calories are consumed later on. That means the level of insulin inblood is more than the glucose level which can lead tometabolic disorder. This in turn results in to fat accumulation.

4. Helps perform better at work/school:

Hungry employees and students don’t do any good at work/school. When you are hungry you are irritable and disinterested which reflects on your work too. Breakfast helps you to wake up and makes you attentive. Eating breakfast consistently also helps with employee’s at work and saves your company money by the employee’s being more interactive, motivated and with less sick days.

5. Burns those calories early:

If you have breakfast you can burn those calories early! How is that? Well, instead of going hungry till lunch, putting your body into starvation mode, and then munching on something loaded with calories with fewer hours left in the day to burn it consider refuelling yourself early and regularly after that so that your energy stays high all day!
Going 3 or more hours without food automatically puts your body into starvation mode. Your metabolism slows down, and the next thing you decide to scoff down decides to store itself because your body does not know when it will get its next feed. So eating regularly every 3 hours with small meals has a better response with your body and you can see results instantly with your body and mind. How you eat affects your moods and your mindset too!

6. Aids in setting a good example:

If you have kids, you always want to set a good example for them. By having breakfast on time you will show the quality of leadership by example.

7. Gets you your essential nutrients first thing in the morning:

Eat a good source of protein, fat and vegetables in the morning. Stay away from cereals and bread!

8. Skipping breakfast can make you grumpy:

Oh yes! As i said before, how you eat effects your mood. If you have been skipping breakfast and are inbad mood, you probably should know why. Not having breakfast makes you grouchy. You might not even realise it and keep wondering why you’re so irritable in the morning. You have just gotten up and ran out the door. You have also had no time to sit down and have a moment to yourself. This is also why breakfast is good, it slows you down.

9. It is an important part of your day to slow down before you start your busy day

Our days are filled with ‘have to do’ lists. It puts an enormous stress on our bodies even if we don’t feel it. That means you have gotten used to being ‘on the go’ without stopping to sit and enjoy your meal. In the morning, we are often rushed because we either didn’t get enough sleep, or you have to organise everyone else in the house before you do yourself. These are just excuses for not looking after yourself.

It is important to allow enough time each morning so that you put yourself and your health first. Even if that is getting up 15 minutes before everyone else. You can train your body to get used to this. Allow time the night before to organise your things for today so that you are able to sit down, eat your breakfast, connect to yourself, your body and your mind and TASTE your food. Slow down the process so that your body is able to relax and enjoy this time. You always have a choice, you ALWAYS have the time to do this. Saying ‘you don’t have enough time’ is just a lazy excuse and I don’t buy into that! Stop making excuses and start taking control of looking after yourself.

Apart from all these reasons to have your breakfast there are few things you should always keep in mind:

  • Never have dessert for breakfast, it will cause blood sugar loss later on and you will be tempted to eat even more.
  • Read the labels carefully, even if it says ‘nutritious’ or ‘low fat’ or ‘low sugar’ look into the details and understand if your body needs that kind of food to start the day.
  • Always, always, always try organic first.


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