If you find yourself frustrated with the amount of energy you are putting out for the wrong reasons, know that you can make new choices and do things differently for next time, instead of thinking you’ve gone 10 steps backwards.

See it as a self realisation that is ready for new action. It is all about how you shift your perspective…

It is a good chance to reflect on your attachments, your self forced choices based on outside influences as opposed to your true motivation and your fears related to your own security and comfort level during this process. You may want to revert and give in… but you must ask yourself, ‘how important is the bigger picture? Aligned with my values, and what is healthy?’.

The areas of reflection include your possessions, your home, your relationships, your projects, your money, your physical/emotional/mental health, your tangible investments and anything physical that you own and use to live your life in what you consider reflects your wholeness.

What we want to end up with this month is a new sense of alignment that has to do with what we value and where we will be placing our energy and in order for this alignment to take place, something in your life will need to be released – whether that be emotional, mental, or something you thought you needed to feed but realise it no longer has value for you.

This is a space where we can re-shape how our picture looks and feels, based on what you consider meaningful in your daily life.