The Transition of 2015 to 2016

The transition of December has already put choices, decisions and changes into motion. NOW, as 2016 approaches, its time to RESET.

In order for us to have the right setup for this to occur, we must allow a reset on all levels. Emotionally, Physically and Mentally.

Become conscious with your feelings, thoughts and behaviour and start taking action to fearlessly step into 2016 with awareness.

When we are aware of our behaviour, it is easy to catch ourselves in reaction in order to learn how to communicate with our values in a more functional matter.

If you haven’t written out your values yet, I highly recommend you do. Your values are your beliefs that support and respect yourself to what is important to you in your life. When you have strong values, then in turn you have healthy boundaries as a form of self love. In turn, you are able to fully evolve as an individual and stay true to yourself.


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