The beauty of asking for help


Do you feel guilty or fearful of asking for help?

Asking for help is a form of love for self, support for self, strength for self, to reach out and communicate where you’re at is to honour your true self.

When we reflect on our lives, how many communication break downs do you see or experience? How often aren’t you getting your needs met because you aren’t standing in your power in honouring those needs and desires? How often will you let yourself be in your own shadow instead of learning to connect to your confidence to shine? How often do you put others first? And how often do you do things based on what you think you “should” do, rather than doing what feels right for you?

Our society has become so conditioned to just keep going in survival mode as a ‘getting by’ attitude. Waiting for the next thing to come along and make us happy, Or waiting to go on a retreat that will make us feel better, or waiting for a partner to come along and then we will be complete and so on.
If we don’t attend to our growth at some stage, we become stagnant, and always do what we already know. If we don’t step toward unravelling our conditioned beliefs, what triggers us and our self sabotaging patterns, we will always attract the same in our lives, our lives are a mirror of what we create and nothing will change unless we chose to explore our own selves, get to know what we truly want without ego and attachment, and discover our authentic confidence so that we can be happy right now without the need for escape.
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