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I have been practicing yoga with Dani for over 2 years now. I remember my initial meeting and session was fantastic (and hard!) Dani took the time to listen to my individual goals and explain in detail how I need to get there.
Dani is so supportive, if I have a question or concern I can rely on her support. Dani helped me to move through a lot of suffering I was causing myself, without realising the effect it was having on me in my every day life, i learnt not only yoga, but tools and techniques to introduce into my life to create a balanced, peaceful, fit and happy lifestyle. Her positive and warm nature helped me to open up and step into what was holding me back for so long.

Sarah NSW



Dani is my Healer and I originally went to her because I could never stand up for myself and never felt heard. Turned out, when this was addressed, so many things came up regarding old beliefs I had creating that were limiting me to be in my power and my truth. It was all linked, from my work life, to my personal life. Dani taught me how to love myself and create new ways of thinking to support myself rather then go into spirals of negative thinking which used to lead me to anxiety and depression. Now I have the tools to move through situations I didn’t use to know how to handle, and I do it in my strength, rather then taking action from fear.
I highly recommend Dani as, each session I never know what I will uncover next about myself, and it is an amazing experience to get to know yourself. Even if there’s just one thing you may want clarity on, or to learn how to hold your own, or become more confident, I guarantee you will learn so much in just one session with Dani.

Tarren PERTH


I absolutely love Dani’s Yoga events, they aren’t traditional yoga classes as she puts her own unique spin on them and I always leave feeling like I got something out of it for my own development. Her approach to the class benefits each individual by tailoring it to all levels of the mind and the  body. Its the perfect balance of physical, mental and emotional teachings to create a wholeness within each of us.

Hannah NSW