Team Metropolis hits the ground running.

CORPORATE GROUP TRAINING. Enhancing their relationships with each other in the work place while getting fit! Working as a team and loving life on the Harbour Bridge!.. Check out what Team Metropolis had to say about one of their sessions…..

“The Projects team’s ‘cultural project’ is now into its second week. With slightly dwindled numbers from the previous session, seven of us Metropolites hit the bridge for some early morning training. Lead by our lovely trainer Danni, we were treated to more than just running, with interval training of squats and toe kicks along the way. To keep our mind off our burning thighs we learnt the following information about our peers: Rob would like to learn to surf (which we can’t imagine would be too much of a challenge for our in house Robert de Castella); Tara would like to own a house with 5 bedrooms (it’s an English thing and yes there will be tea and scones served); Max (our resident hipster) would like to live in New York – all he’s just missing is the over-sized glasses; crazy Ella would like climb up and ski down Mont Blanc (no previous near-death, skiing accident is going to stop this one), Larissa would like climb to Mount Everest base camp (this means secretly her hero is a Kiwi), I would like to cage dive with sharks and Jacob wanted to have a robotic limb… can you guess he works in digital? Best start to a Thursday and deserving to our mid-morning cupcakes for Mei-ling!”

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