Belinda Di Lorenzo
Belinda Di LorenzoRetail Merchandising - Sydney Australia
I was fortunate enough to stumble across Dani’s website just over a year ago (even though now I feel like I’ve known her forever!)
I am truly blessed to have Dani in my life. Since my first session with her, every aspect of my life has changed and continues to change for the better every day. When I first met Dani, I was very lost, stressed out, confused, and had huge lack of confidence and low self-esteem.
I can honestly say that I don’t know where I would be without her guidance, support, love, intuition, knowledge, and friendship! Dani knows just how to help with whatever the situation is, and knows exactly how to guide you through anything that you are going through in life.
I have worked on many things with Dani, and to look back on where I was over a year ago, is truly amazing.. I am not the same person, all areas of my life just flow, and when they don’t, Dani knows how to get me back on track.
She is honestly one of the most amazing women I have ever met and can’t thank her enough!
Alexa Towersey
Alexa TowerseyPulic Figure - Celebrity Personal Trainer - Sydney Australia
The decision to see Dani from Aiyana Energy this year was a game changer for me. Being a trainer, I’ve always been far more focused on the “physical”, often neglecting my emotional and spiritual needs. I had no idea how much negative energy I was holding on to, how much this would affect me on a physical level, and how much it would hold me back from my true potential. I never understood how much disharmony, injury and sickness I was creating by not listening to my body or my gut instinct. This is now the singular most important hour of my week, and one that does not get missed regardless of what else I have going on. In 6 short months, I feel like I’ve finally got my mojo back – I love who I am and what I stand for, I know what I want, and I’m comfortable asking for it because I feel like I deserve to receive it. For me, the biggest compliment is now about how beautiful my energy is, so thank you, you’ve changed my life!
Grace Kelly
Grace KellyInternational Travel Blogger
Working with the beautiful Daniela, she has taught me the process of letting go, guided me through letting all the hurt I’ve been holding onto leave, Coaching with Daniela really opened my mind. I’ve spent so long blaming myself for everything that I’ve lost this year, and carried so much negative energy with me and it feels so good to finally feel cleansed on the inside, I’m finally ready to share how proud of ME I am, and how much I’ve gained since being on my own. I have shared all my weakness and struggles because I have realised its okay to not be ok & no ones life is perfect. I have regained my worth and now know that everyone can work through their struggles with support.
Thank you for your guidance Daniela!
Tegan Martin
Tegan Martin Former Miss Universe - TV Personality - Australian Model
I don’t think I realised how much negative energy I was holding onto, thank you for making me feel light and free again from our Coaching and Healing sessions Daniela.
Daniela had explained to me that a lot of our behaviour stems from past experiences and old belief patterns and by reaching out and gaining new tools and new ways of thinking to support ourselves, we can truly re-learn to love and connect to our true self and start living the life we desire in our personal power!
I was feeling a little bit off track, and lost about where I should be in life and needed direction. I now realise, I always have the choice to invest in my personal happiness and I am so glad I do!
Danica Marcinek
Danica Marcinek
Dani is the most beautiful soul!

I was blessed to come across Dani from Aiyana Energy via Instagram and reflecting on it now, it was definitely a sign from the universe that she was meant to come into my life. The timing was impeccable as I was in desperate need of support as my life had become stagnant and I was too stuck to be able to make well overdue changes.
I’d been experiencing a consistent cycle of work, stress and unhappiness resulting in severe ramifications on my health and personal life.
Within the first few sessions of working with Dani, she helped me to step out of fear and overcome my limiting beliefs as well as teach me to balance myself, softening my over use of masculine energy and create space for more feminine energy to flow.

Over time, Dani has helped me to transform my outlook and develop a toolkit of techniques I now have to ensure I live life in my truth and create the positive changes that wouldn’t have been possible without her devotes and reliable love, support and guidance.

Dani won’t do all the work for you however if you’re willing to take her advice, and use the tools she provides you with, I can say with confidence she will help guide you through the transformation you want to see and create a life fit for your highest good.
There have been many times Dani would tell me things that would come to fruition, that I never believed could, however they have come to be and she has supported me on my journey to live life as my authentic self and a much more happier me – both physically and spiritually!

Family and friends have even commented on the transformation they’ve seen in me and how much they love the new healthier and grounded version of me that I credit to the change Dani has helped me make. I would be lost without her and can’t thank her enough for everything she has done.
Dani is a gifted, encouraging and loving healer and psychic, who I am now blessed to call her a friend. Her positivity, passion and giving energy is nourishing and contagious. I walk away every time feeling energised and refreshed after each session. If you want to invest in yourself, you won’t regret allowing Dani to guide you on your journey to uncovering the authentic you.

Stephanie Cooper
Stephanie Cooper
The stars certainly aligned for me the day I got to meet Daniela for the first time whilst living in Sydney; unknowingly at the time on an adventure to understand what it truly means to be alive.
I always imagined that spiritual/life coaches, teachers, gurus etc had to look like old wizard archetype figures with long white beards, but instead I got a beautiful Grecian looking goddess with all the wisdom, intellect and truth just like that of a wizard.

Dani began to show me and help me understand the ‘fabrics’ that we humans are made up of, yet so foreign to us; to uncover truths and secrets about myself that had not been felt and acknowledged for a long time.
Secrets of self love, sense of self and the powers of heart/mind intelligence and communication, brought through acts of healthy nourishing self rituals, dialogue and story telling, healings, child’s play/down time and support through her psychic abilities.

Dani’s support and skills have helped and continue to help me to access my own sets of skills with the art of self support as I allow the process of situation and self to unfold magically together. Allowing, yet also working with the synchronicities, cycles and natures of life.

Now when I look in the mirror, I too also see mirroring back to me a beautiful goddess with the intellect, truth and wisdom of a wizard.
Soooooo life changing but oh so worth it!!! Couldn’t do it without ya’ Dan xxx

Maddie Hurst
Maddie Hurst
Dani is one of the most incredible human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. In fact, human is probably the wrong word, I’d actually go angel. This phenomenal woman is the reason that I am genuinely happy after close to a decade of depression and anxiety.
After our first session together, my mum came home in absolute shock. Her exact words were “I haven’t seen you smile like that in years”. 60 minutes and I already knew this woman was going to change me for the better. And by god she has. I am starting to love myself, slowly but surely. I have done things I would do in my wildest dreams, like overcoming my fears about entering a gym by myself and not wearing any makeup in public.
I can talk to her about anything and she gives me no bullshit which I bloody love. I have gained not just the world’s best life coach, but a true and genuine friend.
I highly recommend her. I love you Dani and I can’t wait to see what else we can overcome together!
Justin Dulihanty
Justin DulihantyFounder of The Alpha Code for Men
Dani has a very unique and diverse skill set which is challenging to find in one person. Her readings are extremely accurate, her understanding on human behaviour and relationship dynamics are unparalleled. She has a very balance approach, extremely compassionate and caring but also down to earth and outcome focussed. She has an incredible ability to help find clarity in even the most challenging situations and has been instrumental in helping me navigate through my own challenges in business, relationships and my personal life.

I have a lot of love and respect for Dani. Knowing her well over 10 years now, I have full confidence in knowing whoever I send her way they will be in very safe hands.

PennyFounder of Female Tradie
I absolutely love working with Dani, She gives me great insight with what may be going on for me at the time and also guides me through her techniques to get through the emotional stuff.
I always feel lighter and excited to move forward once I come out of my sessions.. she truly cares about your wellbeing as she always follows up making sure your on track .. if your feeling stuck I totally recommend working with Dani
Beautiful client
Beautiful clientName concealed for privacy reasons
Dani is an authentic, gentle soul who has always been able to deeply & accurately connect to matters relating to my soul. Her insightful ability has offered me guidance, clarity & comfort for the many challenges that I have faced. Dani not only offers precision with her intuitiveness, she also empowers clients with her coaching strategies by equipping us with many tools & skills to use when faced with challenges. Dani is a beautiful soul who is a true healer!!!
Dharshi Sellathurai
Dharshi Sellathurai
Dani is an incredibly bright and beautiful light worker. I started working with her a year ago and since then have connected to my heart space, done some inner child work, explored relationship conflicts and done energy work. She really does it all. She has been so spot on with things that have come up for me in sessions. My life has since taken a completely new trajectory and I can really see my life unfolding the way I dreamed. If it feels like the right fit for you… you’re in for one magical adventure.
Tina Milani
Tina Milani
Daniela is my saving grace.
She has a way of gently leading you to see things you may not have seen and I always leave our conversations feeling oh so much better for it.
My soul is soothed by our calls and I only wish I could have found her sooner.
I am so grateful I was guided to her. Thank you Daniela for all you do!
Georgia Forsyth
Georgia Forsyth
Dani is the light at the end of the tunnel.
I had gone through a turbulent time, full of emotional turmoil and when Dani came into my life she provided me with the tools to be able to navigate my way through the pain in order to become my highest self, in other words, the me I once knew and loved.
Dani helps you grow into the person you want to become, she sees your full potential and is fully psychic. Not only is she able to predict with accuracy, Dani has the ability to share the other persons perspective or their own feelings as we can all be one sided and often create faux scenarios in our mind, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.
Dani helps me identify my trigger points whilst healing my old wounds. It is such a privilege to have Dani in my life and in my corner, she has become one of my best and I will be forever grateful that our paths have crossed.