As a Liquid Crystal Practitioner, these 30 ml elixirs are powerful vibrational remedies made from the Earths Metals, Minerals and Crystals. They are change facilitators, healing Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical imbalances.
Immune support, De-Stress, Balance Alignment and Clarity, Deep Sleep and Self love are the most foundational elixirs for our personal experience.

The Crystals are Organic, Natural and Holistic and can bring about change on a cellular level to release emotional blockages preventing one to revert back into old patterning in creating consciousness and necessary action for what you need at any point in your life for nurturing & forward movement with new foundations of support.

As a vibrational therapy, the elixirs will not interfere in the action of any other medication or treatment and is perfect for the whole family and your pets and have no side effects.

These elixirs support the energy and physical bodies, creating deep healing with a high frequency for new cellular structure and inward change to support your path forward no matter what you are dealing with.

Immune Support:
Cleansing, calming anti-viral, anti-Biotic restorative elixir. Supporting and balancing exhaustion, depression, panic attacks and lowered immune function. Supports to heal skin disorders due to stress. Combats viral infections, eye problems including cataracts, conditions due to acid imbalance such as gout stomach ulcer and rheumatism. Balances and releases inflammation.
Its energy activates mastery in allowing all the body systems, chakras and aspects of self to communicate with each other which powerfully stimulates healing and shining light to find the true cause of illness for a permanent cure.
Supporting all areas of the nervous system and insomnia. Helping recover from chronic fatigue and healing the energy bodies.
Also supports any weight issues and imbalances, spinal misalignment and brings in frequencies of grounding, patience, compassion and non judgement to feel settled with an open heart.
This energy allows surrender with acceptance so that your body is stepping out of fight/flight response and acting accordingly to the immune responses needed for recovery.

Melts stress on all levels, provides mental, emotional and physical support and calms panic.
This elixir is the keystone for the removal of stress from the physical body, especially the muscles. Removes the type of stress that leads to cancer. This stone links to a part of you that is not stressed and teaches the rest how to adapt that way.
Creates a protective shield that reflects unwanted energies that are not yours to carry. Powerful grounding and stabilising stone which encourages action not reaction.
Centering, balancing stone allowing self-control, emotional balance and wisdom in decision making.
Allows detachment by letting physical processes take their course in a relaxed and flowing manner. Eliminates stress by allowing the mind to become organised and well structured, removing scatter and disorganisation. Indicates when one is being manipulated. Instills optimism.
It is the supreme nurturer with a mothering soothing energy which calms the emotions. It sustains the bodies energy when levels are low, absorbs negativity and is protective. It is a stone of Unconditional Love and encourages self-expression of thought and feelings. Frees one from the past and cuts ties with compassion. Alleviates panic attacks and is anti-depressive.
Allows one to find and focus on that which is most important in the moment and stops worry about things that are beyond control. Providing a very strong foundation for the self.

Balance, Alignment & Clarity:
Bringing you into conscious action, feeling clarity of the mind and alignment with your self worth and anchoring a balanced space within the self. Allowing you to feel grounded and at peace in your daily life.
Clears negativity, balancing and aligning the entire chakra system and its energy bodies.
Opens the third eye and crown for intuitive guidance. Removes stress and tension. Acts as a master healer bringing healing to all situations and levels.
Anchors high light frequency energies into the body to support and stimulate the acupuncture points for clearing blocks.
Remove and protects self from attack thoughts and self sabotage behaviours bringing purification and revitalisation on all levels.
Aligns meridians. Increases vitality. Nurtures the physical body. Balances the masculine and feminine parts of self into unity. Transforms push and force into harmony on your path. Increases vitality, enthusiasm, optimism and confidence. Brings clarity in communication. Strengthens all energy pathways and infuses a healing energy allowing awareness to the source of the dis-ease, leading to a complete, permanent cure leaving you feeling capable and stable.

Deep Sleep:
Induces deep sleep and aids in dream memory. Removes mind chatter to support a gentle ease into relaxation for a rejuvenating sleep. Calms and soothes the mental, emotional and physical Body,  and is a keystone in the treatment of Insomnia.
Induces a calm meditative space. Removes fears of the sleep state at the conscious and subconscious levels of the self, adapting to letting go of force and control. Activates healthy sleep cycles in children also. Supports oxygenation, grounding and self security whilst freeing the mind of set behaviours. Calms the mind to surrender, sleep and rest. Removes mental disorganisation bringing peace. Acting as a natural relaxant for the body to slow down and allow the body to rejuvenate. Replenishing the entire nervous system.

Self Love:
Opening the heart uniting with self bliss, manifesting self love and bringing deep profound healing.
Bringing in compassion and trust, releasing old unhealthy attachments and supporting the relationship with yourself and others.
Releasing any deep pain, hurt and past trauma bringing new self love and self belief that is empowered though forgiveness and transformation. Trusting feeling without fears of the mind.
Selflessness and compassion develops. Embracing loving life, honouring processes and accepts change in result for fulfilment and excitement. Aligning thoughts with feelings to follow your heart in your power. Releasing deep insecurity, infusing trust. Allowing space for new foundations of confidence within the self. Activating self bliss and feeling magnetic.

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