Aiyana Energy founder Daniela Schmutz is helping individuals and groups to build a stronger relationship with ourselves through our mind/body connection.

Never before have we had a society so relentlessly materialistic that the balancing elements of spiritual and emotional values often become outweighed.
The fullest experiences of life are gained or lost depending on how a person functions internally.
We have a special need to be in touch with the rhythm of life, and that an environment which is highly artificial or brutally dehumanising has a worse psychological effect on us then some may think.

The transformation process is not an all-at-once thing that blows you out of the water. There are many small shifts, and each one takes some getting used to. You are basically un-learning a long standing habit and relearning new coping mechanisms and supportive tools in order to step into your personal flow. And once you are in your flow, you are able to watch the world around you unfold. Your energy lifts, the way you move and feel changes, and you feel whole as a person. Self love, and truth are core for a harmonious balance with yourself and these sessions allow you to find a clear path to manifest abundance in all areas of your life.

These sessions are for anyone who is looking to invest their personal happiness.

We focus on Coaching and Mentoring the person as a whole.

This can include the following, or your own personal reason.

Breaking through conditioning and limited beliefs
Creating a safe and happy environment for change
Life changes & strategies for new foundations
Stress – Mentally, Physically & Emotionally
Stress- Relaxation techniques and meditation
Self Esteem
Brain Function – Rewiring thought patterns and healthy perception
Hormonal support
Meeting challenges of abuse/ self and external.
Learn new tools to support their already fulfilled life for new direction
Relationship support & navigation of communication
Relationship support during and after pregnancy
Conscious Uncoupling
Behavioural Transformation
Identifying self- sabotaging behaviour
Self love and healthy body image
Nourishing and Nurturing – Self care
Career / Lifestyle changes


NOTE: Phone sessions are available worldwide.