These sessions are for anyone who is looking to invest their personal happiness. We focus on Coaching and Mentoring the person as a whole.

Never before have we had a society so relentlessly materialistic that the balancing elements of spiritual and emotional values often become outweighed.

The fullest experiences of life are gained or lost depending on how a person functions internally. Beauty, health, fulfilment, happiness, satisfaction and personal independence; all the things people strive for can only be achieved by making a conscious decision to change and to develop yourself.
We have a special need to be in touch with the rhythm of life, and that an environment which is highly artificial or brutally dehumanising has a worse psychological effect on us then some may think.

The transformation process is not an all-at-once thing that blows you out of the water. There are many small shifts, and each one takes some getting used to. You are basically un-learning a long standing habit and relearning a new one in order to step into your personal flow. And once you are in your flow, you are able to watch the world around you unfold.


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This can include the following, or your own personal reason.

Breaking through conditioning
Creating a safe and happy environment for change
Life changes
Stress – Physical & Psycologial
Stress- Relaxation techniques and meditation
Self Esteem
Brain Function – Rewiring thought patterns
Diet Concepts
Meeting challenges of abuse
Learn new tools to support their already fulfilled life
Goal setting and life mastery
Behavioural change
Self- sabotaging behaviour
Self talk exercises
Bodily and mental health
Nourishing and Nurturing


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1 Hour, 1.5 Hours, 45 minutes


One on one, Via Phone, Via Skype