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Aiyana Energy at your event can present Meditation, Life Coaching & Wellbeing topics and discussion based on the type of the group, examples- self love and self care, the art of communication, catch the mindfulness bug, transform your thoughts to support you, how to step into your personal power, implement flow for work/life balance, how to set healthy boundaries in your relationships and more.
Daniela can also provide short psychic readings, crystal readings and Development tools in short 10-15 minute blocks per person at your event offering information for their highest good, and helping them to learn new tools and gain clarity for what is going on in the individuals present life.

*Daniela’s experience with luxe hens events include a 15-20 minute psychic reading to the divine bride to be, and throughout the evening provide mini 10-15 minute personal readings to each guest. In this event you’re welcome to add any additional service as spoken of above with meditation, yoga, self love tools and rituals to be included in the beautiful experience of each individual receiving heart warming expansion, empowerment and the balance of total bliss.

Daniela also collaborates with other business’ looking to add value to their products and organisations.

Our events include:

Eco Events
Hen’s Events
Brand Launches
Corporate Events
Fundraising Events
Local Business team support

Mindful Events and Workshops
Fitness, Health and Wellbeing Events
Personal Development & Wellness Events

Any other event or service, please ask.

For a quote- please email or contact 0404 138 802.