Keep your exercise routine through the school holidays!


It can be hard to keep up your exercise/wellbeing routine when your kids have school holidays.. However, you have a choice!

Our mum’s have it down pat!

Looking after yourself is important, and just because it’s school holidays, doesn’t mean you come second and all of your personal priorities of looking after yourself go out the window.

Make it work!

Its an hour MAX out of your day. Even 30 minutes is enough.

FitYoga does house calls so we can come to your home while the kids are there playing, or better yet head to the park and get them involved!!!

Above is a photo of one of FitYoga’s clients, Melanie.¬†

You would be surprised with how much the kids actually want to get involved in the workout too!
Not only does Melanie get to keep her workouts, but the kids get to run around, play, and do some of the fun exercises too!

You always have a choice to treat your body and mind well through exercise and eating healthily.

ALL year round.

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