Is fear holding you back?

In yoga when the teacher suddenly says – OK! Crow pose, or handstand or any arm balancing name – suddenly, an “Oh no” may come into your mind straight away- that is straight out DOUBT. You have already put a limiting belief on yourself without even just giving it a go first, or having an approach like – “This could be fun”.

The names of poses are just LABELS. It means nothing. They are just some funky positions to put your body into. Its the reaction of the label in you that creates something that isn’t real.

Fear holds us back, whether its yoga poses, going for a new career path, changing relationships or any other decision that rattles your core beliefs where the self sabotaging self talk begins.

Fear is the more debilitating emotion, and when you are living in fear, you become stuck.

Break it down to reality in any situation. Example – Yoga arm balancing – You are balancing on your hands, using muscle and bone, do it step by step so that you aren’t going full force into it, ease your way in, and experience the challenge and notice how you react when breaking new ground. It may feel oddly unsettling at first, but once you move through it you realise, “it was good to try”.

People are used to doing only what they KNOW. So when something new is about to happen, an uncomfortable feeling arises (fear).

When fearful thoughts arise, it is important to acknowledge them and decide to let them go, noticing that they do not serve you in this moment, as its actually holding you back from greatness, learning, growing and having some fun along the way!

Are you fearful of stepping into the unknown or something that could open you and change your life for the better?

OR are you more fearful NOT to take a chance?

Whenever you want to step into a better version of yourself, you will have to move through fear.

This fear is merely a series of past experiences and negative core beliefs shaking your self worth. These beliefs can be changed.

BUT, it is up to you to step fearlessly, as you are SO worthy of anything you want to achieve.


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