Hit the Mat with your new moves!

Yoga is like a dance! You move with your body to feel the energies twirling around you! You would be surprised with how many twists and turns your body could actually do if you gave it a go and LET GO!
Some people are too scared to try the handstand, or to try crow prose and many other poses based on fear… Fear that they aren’t flexible enough, fear that they aren’t strong enough! However, we give you the basic steps to be able to practice these amazing moves, but if you keep living in fear, how will you ever know if you can do it??? You already have all the tools you need 🙂
When you go to Yoga this week, try practicing a move you have always wanted to be able to do and practice it at home, this is now your sacred loving pose for yourself!
Own the way your body can move, and experience the love in your new poses!
Let go of your fears and insecurities. Contact FitYoga today if you want to stand out!

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