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Thanking the lovely writer – Ellie McInerney for asking FitYoga to be apart of The Upside’s Blog.

Last year after Ellie had attended one of our workshops, at this stage we were using our old business name FITYOGA, as we have now changed our name to AIYANA, keep in mind below when reading we are still representing the same business, just a different name. Ellie was inspired to write about us in the amazing blog of the Upside. Take a look below to dive in to the juicy details of our business and to view full details of the interview go to: The Upside Blog

Tell us about FitYoga? What exactly is it and why are so many people loving it?

FitYoga is a combination of conditioning, yoga, inner development exercises and meditation to enhance every BODY. It educates participants through integration of movement and mindfulness, in order to encourage connection to their true selves. FitYoga’s flow is a total body workout for anyone wanting to sculpt their body and create a new attitude. Each session has a different theme, but what is common within them is that we are all observing ourselves, creating space for awareness to arise.

Do you need any experience in yoga before trying out FitYoga?

Not at all. I often hear people say “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga” or “I can’t do those poses or handstands”. FitYoga’s approach is beyond postures, it is not about what you can do in a physical sense; it’s actually about building that relationship within yourself to move through embedded negative beliefs that could be holding you back from living in your joy. It encourages you to trust what is true for you in a safe environment, allowing space to feel your emotions and move through them with awareness while observing your self talk. When the body and mind are supporting each other in a harmonious flow, the physical postures begin to follow with ease.

What motivates you to keep kicking these massive goals?

Personal growth inspires me. The most important relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves. I have always followed my passions to what I would like to learn for myself and being able to do this through my workshops, events and retreats connects me to my happiness, which is what motivates me!

What daily routines or rituals are an absolute must for you?

Every day we are bombarded with pressures and stresses that come with our daily duties. We are living in constant reaction and have lost connection to ourselves as a result; the growth of social media has added to this disconnect. One ritual is seeing myself in the mirror daily, completely nude, flaws and all and acknowledging myself as a whole and carrying out some supportive self-love dialogue. We all have those ‘fat days’ but choosing to say to yourself “You are gorgeous, check out these beautiful curves” instead of “I hate my thighs” changes the way you feel and how you present yourself to the world, it changes your energy and vibration and does wonders to your confidence. Sometimes I just walk past a mirror and say “hey beautiful” or “I love you” and I giggle to myself. This isn’t about being vein it is about truly loving yourself for who you are now and all that you will be, all that you have been and embracing yourself with pure love.

How can meditation improve our health and wellbeing?

So much of the stress and tension we normally experience comes from our mind. Meditation has been found to create a calming effect in the amygdala part of the brain – the trigger for fear and anger. It is about going inward, not switching off, it is about creating awareness within yourself to observe and support yourself without judgment and addressing what is going on for you, to approach situations calmly in your power instead of reacting. When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides, our mind becomes still and a deep happiness and contentment arises from within.

What does leading a harmonious life mean to you?

A harmonious life is different for everyone. For me, it is going with the flow. Life is a process of choices, one after another. Life will always throw curveballs and challenges arise. This can be overcome by being gentle, kind and patient with myself (including nurturing self talk and loving myself as a whole), supporting myself and taking care of my body. I set clear goals around my desires and step by step, break it down so that it is achievable, which means it doesn’t become too overwhelming to handle. In being able to understand my values, and questioning what kind of life I want to lead; I connect myself to my style of a harmonious life.

How do you manage to achieve a healthy life balance?

I am on the go quite a lot, with my one-on-one clients, organising workshops, presentations for events, retreats and women groups. But amongst my work, it is important for me to lock out personal priorities in my diary. These include “me time”, weight training time, yoga time, meal preparation, time with friends/family and holidays. It is so important to have a balance, so by putting the things I enjoy into my schedule, achieving a healthy life balance just flows and I am not fighting to catch my breath from being ‘on the go’.

Why do you think so many people are stressed out, tired and dealing with chronic anxiety? What measures would you suggest people take to help deal with this?

When feeling stressed and anxious, there is a disconnect from the body and you are living mainly in your head. What I suggest firstly is to identify the cause of your stress, you can do this by practicing conscious breaths. Close your eyes and ask yourself “What is stressing me out?” One conscious breath is a form of meditation and can start to create space in the mind to soften your energy. When you consciously breathe, it allows space to diminish monkey mind chatter, to allow for the answers to come in and open doors for new ideas, shifts and noticing any reactions. I would also make a list of all the things that make you happy and pop it into your diary on a weekly basis. By addressing the root cause of the stress and anxiety, you will be able to move through it with awareness and come back to your balance.

You run some incredible events and workshops. What sort of things can we expect from attending one of these?

Each workshop has a theme, and depending on what it is, we step into that flow. What is common within them is the act of observing ourselves, creating that space for awareness to arise. Students experience conscious shifts through yoga and mindfulness. They are able to move through fears, negative core belief systems and heal emotional wounds. They can achieve these things by increasing self-worth, confidence, reconnecting to a calm and peaceful state, connecting to “true self” and stepping into a flow. FitYoga’s events for 2016 include presenting at The Wellness Show, conducting workshops, retreats in Sydney and Bali and holding women’s workshops on sensuality and tapping into the divine feminine.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to live their healthiest, happiest life?

My advice would be to open the dialogue with yourself. Really get to know yourself… your values, your beliefs and understand why they are your beliefs. As everyone has their own idea of living their healthiest, happiest life I would ask them “what does this mean to you? When you visualize your happiest and healthiest life, how do you see it. How does it feel? And if you aren’t living it now, why not?” I always question my students because everyone has a different set of beliefs, a different outlook on their life and their own creation of how they have lived their life up until this point.

At FitYoga we believe personal growth is so important. My last piece of advice would be to step into the unknown, become comfortable in the uncomfortable and transform yourself in a way you never knew existed, and love yourself the whole way through.

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