The desire for action will not bring you happiness and contentment that is forced to be found. What is needed is a different sort of doing.

It is not rushed and busy, it is not a piling up of accomplishments. 

It is not a list of projects or busy social calendars.

Those activities are ‘yang’. The emphasis on yang values have created tension, stress and difficulty in our world. We are in much need of balancing that.

It is important to embrace your internal self, to do what you love in your heart. Look outward from your heart at the people in your lives, dive deep inside your heart and feel your body, feel that low hum inside you. This is the vibration of life.

It is the same vibration that flows through the wind, the trees, what you eat, the people around you.

Its time to go slow, finding a new present flow where you can find stillness with your authentic self. 

This is a natural way of living to find balance, rituals and alignment, however you may have lived in such an un-natural way for so long that when this is said, it may sound ‘easier said than done’ as we have the demands of life, and some may not want to make this an every day effort to sustain a new balance.

But how will you know what kind of life you could have, a life you actually want in the bigger picture unless you start making small shifts and changes to support your work/life balance. Our demands of our social status are only expectations we have met before, yet, we are in complete control of how we choose to move forward and adjust our time and energy, and those around who love us will adapt to your choices. Only you as an individual can lead a new way for yourself.