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When gaining awareness, and starting to take responsibility for our lives, it is important that we do not blame or assign guilt towards our parents that we may have considered unfit, as an excuse for our behaviour today. They did their best based on what they were conditioned to do, and people only DO what [...]

Is fear holding you back?

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In yoga when the teacher suddenly says - OK! Crow pose, or handstand or any arm balancing name - suddenly, an "Oh no" may come into your mind straight away- that is straight out DOUBT. You have already put a limiting belief on yourself without even just giving it a go first, or having an [...]

How is your behaviour affecting you?

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How you treat, nurture, nourish and present your body and health revolves around your self worth, self respect and your level of self esteem. I have some questions for you and I invite you all to ask yourself and reflect.... Questioning breaks down the grip of attachment you have to past experiences and behavioural patterns.... [...]