Battle body fat with battle ropes!

Reasons why battle ropes are an efficient tool in your fat loss journey!

1. Burn burn burn baby
If you’re doing a High Intensity Training, or HIIT Training work out with your battle ropes, you’re going to burn a ton of calories. I’m talking anywhere in the range of 300-500 calories per HALF HOUR! This is something that simply wouldn’t happen on a leisurely jog around your neighborhood. Not only are you burning calories during the actual work sets with your battle ropes, but in this style of training your metabolism is going to be revved up for up even after you tuck your battle ropes away. This “afterburn,” or EPOC effect is going to turn your body into a fat burning machine.

2. Build muscle and burn fat simultaneously
With battle ropes, you can kill two birds with one rope. Mix in short bursts of maximum heart rate battle rope undulations and not only will you build the muscles in your entire upper body and core, but you’ll simultaneously burn the fat around the muscles as well. Battle ropes are one of the most efficient ways to push your muscles and metabolism to another level at the SAME TIME!

3. GET OUTSIDE – One of the greatest things you can do is step away from your desk from sitting down all day, have a break and get into the fresh air. It is important to put your physical and mental health before anything else. Getting fresh air can immediately make you feel happier, the exercises increase serotonin levels in your brain and you go back to work feeling energised. You will work more efficiently and you have actively planned into your busy day your time to exercise which keeps consistency with your journey to the body you desire. Soak up the sun (or moonlight) and get your sweat on outside!

4.  Keeping variety in your workouts
It is important to change up your workouts often so that the body can continue to gain results.
If you have your own battle ropes and want new ideas, you can easily look up battle rope workouts on youtube for new ideas. Otherwise your Personal Trainer will have the goods already lined up for you so that you don’t even have to think about it.
Treadmills, elliptical, the step master…. lets face it. Theres not much variety there. Get into some funky stuff with your ropes instead as it keeps it interesting and enjoyable.

5. They are low impact but create huge results
Although battle rope workouts can be intense and brutal, you can tone them down to any fitness level. Whether you are just a beginner or recovering from an injury, or you have bone and joint problems, there’s a battle rope routine that can benefit you without pain or discomfort. Because the workouts use your body’s natural range of motion, you don’t have any other negative restrictive aspects from other exercises. There are also different weights of battle ropes so you can start light, and build up as you get stronger by choosing a longer length, a larger diameter, or a combination of both.

Check me out on my youtube channel killing it on the ropes… 🙂




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