When gaining awareness, and starting to take responsibility for our lives, it is important that we do not blame or assign guilt towards our parents that we may have considered unfit, as an excuse for our behaviour today.

They did their best based on what they were conditioned to do, and people only DO what they KNOW at that time, until they decide to reach out and learn a new way to educate themselves to gain new tools to behave differently.

Having AWARENESS is a key factor to see things clearly as they have been, and as they are now.

It is up to you to create your path, and you have endless support around you. All you have to do is ASK.

By ASKING, this breaks down our grip on our attachments to allow space for old patterns to fall to the side, and create new pathways for thinking and acting.

You are ALWAYS free to create a new cycle of thoughts and behaviours that works to re-educate yourself, leading to new, and better ways to act and react resulting in a much happier life as you are now living through your own values and core beliefs.

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