How is your behaviour affecting you?

How you treat, nurture, nourish and present your body and health revolves around your self worth, self respect and your level of self esteem.

I have some questions for you and I invite you all to ask yourself and reflect….

Questioning breaks down the grip of attachment you have to past experiences and behavioural patterns….

  1. Do you love yourself naked? If not, why?
  2. How do you treat your body? Do you exercise regularly, do you pick away at scabs often, do you use any moisturisers, skin care products… etc?
  3. Do you nourish yourself by eating healthy food choices? – Do the foods you eat give you energy, or do you end up feeling sluggish?
  4. Do you self sabotage with foods and or emotionally eat more or under-eat? Or abuse yourself with drugs or alcohol?
  5. Are you deprived of sleep?
  6. Do you repeat the same patterns over and over again?
  7. With any of the patterns, how does this affect YOU firstly- emotionally, physically and mentally. And then, how does it affect your work, your relationships, the rest of your life?

If you answered YES and sometimes to even just one of these.. then its time to go internal and find out the core issue of why you are falling into the same behavioural pattern.

Sit in a quiet space and start breathing into your belly.. Then bring the awareness up to your heart and ask yourself:

WHY am I doing…. (the behaviour)
WHAT is it really about
HOW can I change this?

With this – you need to stay in your heart to find the true answer, the mind will try to wrestle with your answers but it is important to keep your mind out of this, the truth does not lie in your head. STAY in your heart.You may feel sick, and emotional also. But just breathe, stay there and learn to let it come up in order for you to release it and start taking action to change your behaviour.

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