“AIYANA” Means ‘Forever Flowering

Aiyana Energy Founder Daniela Schmutz is a Mindset Coach and Relationship specialist, Energetic Healer and Clairvoyant. Daniela supports individuals, couples & groups to create a stronger sense of self connection and evolving in a way where we can create opportunity and value with what we want. By embracing our inner foundation and core truths, balance and new supportive pathways are gained for transformation.

Aiyana Energy embraces the unknown to unfold, the ever-changing flows of life, the gifts we uncover within, and fine tuning all aspects of our being spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically with guidance and tools for clients to gain clarity and confidence for their path ahead whilst teaching new tools for conscious awareness of embracing self-love, worth and freedom. Bringing inspiration in all areas of connection intimately.



Dip. Development Coach
Dip. Wellbeing Coach
Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Liquid Crystal Practitioner
Pellowah Practitioner
Reiki Master
Crystal Healer

Yoga Teacher
Meditation Teacher
Public Speaker for Events/Workshops/Retreats