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“AIYANA” Means ‘Forever Flowering

Aiyana Energy Founder Daniela Schmutz is a Life & Empowerment Coach, Relationship specialist, Energetic Healer and Clairvoyant, helping individuals & groups to create a stronger relationship with ourselves through our mind/body connection and evolving in a way where we can enhance our connection of self to step into creating abundance with what we want and embrace our strength and truth with authenticity, self love & balance gaining grounded support for transformation.

Daniela’s passion gifts of Clairvoyance allows clients to gain clarity for their path, curiosity & direction and provide them with understanding to uncover shifts in consciousness, break through old patterns and self sabotage cycles and enhance empowerment with new tools to support pathways of growth and change.

Daniela also teaches the art of communication in relationships- with self, business, family and intimate partners, how to move through break downs, reactions, move beyond power play and ego. How to nourish your relationship/s and gain understanding to move beyond negative mind chatter, self sabotaging cycles, and limited core beliefs that keep us as we are, restricted, allowing mindful expansion for new balance and supportive foundations.

Dip. Development Coach
Dip. Wellbeing Coach
Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Liquid Crystal Practitioner
Pellowah Practitioner
Reiki Level 2 Practitioner
Crystal Healings
Yoga Teacher
Meditation Teacher